Serverless with Azure Functions

Your business is expanding, and you might need additional resources in your IT infrastructure. 

You are spending a lot of time, money and effort into building your website, platform and infrastructure. You celebrate the success when it becomes available to the public.


What if your website goes down?
What if your infrastructure can’t handle your success?
What if your external parties are having issues?

That’s a concern. And frankly, it’s pretty scary when you think about it.

The way you’d probably handle it is by responding to these situations when they occur. But what if you can become more pro-active and in control to help prevent the loss of orders, make sure your stock information is correct, your clients’ transactions are accurate, and your reputation is saved.

Bryte Blue can help you achieve those goals.

Business growth often means IT infrastructure becomes increasingly complex. Do you need to upscale your digital assets to support your businesses’ growth? Are you looking for an efficient way to scale only with the resources you need? What if you could develop more efficiently with Azure Functions?

Discuss your questions and concerns about Azure Functions with Guston on +31 (0) 850 609 996 to see how we can help. We’re up for the challenge if you are.

Experts in Azure at public and private companies
Start-up and Enterprise Experience
Adaptable to your needs and risks
Don’t Let Your Platform Limit You

Don’t Let Your Platform Limit You

When you’re choosing a platform to develop your software on, it’s important to give your development team all the tools they need to deliver what you need in a timely manner. One of the worst things for emerging and growing companies is when their IT infrastructure is holding them back, and they need to make huge investments to continue to grow.

Develop applications faster, by using the power of the cloud through serverless development with Azure Functions.

The serverless technology allows developers to only focus on their applications rather than having to deal with the underlying infrastructure.

It All Starts With Creating Opportunities For Your Business To Grow And Succeed

Working serverless with Azure Functions enables you to scale whenever you need, based on exactly what you need. You don’t need to base your decisions on what-ifs. By going Serverless with Azure Functions, you’ll have an elastic platform ready to scale to match your needs.

Bryte Blue can help you with integrating Serverless with Azure Functions into your business. We can advise you on the steps you need to take, help you incorporate it into your business, educate your employees, and help you maintain the platform. We are here to help and support you every step of the way.


United We Thrive

Let’s both do what we do best. Let us build and run complex application architectures in container platforms while you focus on writing software and growing your business. Sound fair?


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